Jj Varren

Son of Commander Saris Varren, Jj is a mentally challenged youth who works hard to help in manual labour around the castle.


Level 1 Warrior
13 HP

15 Str (+2)
11 Dex
16 Con (+3)
6 Int (-2)
7 Wis (-2)
10 Cha

Feats: Endurance, Power Attack
Skills: Cooking


Jj’s real name is unknown to everyone but his father. Everyone calls him Jj because when asked what his name is, he only manages to stutter the spelling: “J… J…” before he gives up. His mother died while giving birth to him, a fact that he is unaware of and everyone at the castle tries to hide from him.

Jj is really strong and works tirelessly. He loves helping out and is especially interested in helping out around the kitchen and usually gets rewarded with extra food. He has recently started trying to learn how to cook but the chefs are a little afraid of how Jj will remember recipes and handle fire.

Jj Varren

Enchanted dualistic